Cockeysville swim club owner sentenced for Internet child pornography

Federal child pornography charges will not be filed against the former head of a Cockeysville child care center and swim club, as long as the admitted sex offender lives up to the terms of a plea agreement. The former executive’s 10-year prison sentence has been reduced to 18 months thanks to the best sex crime attorney in Florida.

While he is imprisoned, the former Padonia Park Club CEO will undergo treatment. A preliminary psychiatric exam determined that while the 56-year-old viewed child pornography, he was not a pedophile.

Under the plea agreement, the man will become a registered sex offender with severe restrictions around children. He may not be in the presence of any minor, except his 8-month-old grandchild and even then only if an adult is present.

Baltimore County law enforcement officials and federal agents had been conducting separate Internet child pornography investigations when they discovered an IP address, used to trade pornography images, was linked to two computers. One computer was found in the ex-CEO’s home in Cockeysville and the other at the Padonia Park Club.

The moment formal accusations were made against the CEO, he was dismissed from the club, which has been owned by his family for generations. Although the defendant has never been accused of illicit interactions with children, the former executive has been banned from the Padonia Park Club facilities. His financial connections with the club are also being severed.

In the courtroom, the Cockeysville man apologized to his family and agreed that his punishment was justified. He promised his behavior would not be repeated.

Beyond his prison term, the former CEO will serve five years of probation. He is also required to submit any computers with Internet connections to Baltimore police.

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