Company Information

27 Types of Company Information

With Biological Browser, you have instant access to up to 27 types of business information for each company you research. Nowhere else can you find this level of information on a company-specific basis, all in one place.

  1. Contact information – instant company address and phone info — plus a unique “Industry Address Book” for each industry, which allows you to copy critical contact information for thousands of companies
  2. Executive biographies – instant biographies on over 150,000 key executive officers (You can also search by job title, officer name, and even by which universities executive officers have attended!)
  3. Profiles – a narrative profile and quick facts for thousands of companies
  4. Detailed financials – company financials in familiar spreadsheet format, including standardized income statement, assets, liabilities, cash flow and financial ratios. In total about 150 lines of numerical data, with five years history
  5. Rivals – a complete interactive list of close competitors for your target company, making it easy to compare and contrast
  6. Global Peers – compare and contrast industry peers across the globe, in the currency of your choice
  7. Stock, fund, financial information – for tens of thousands of companies in international markets, from 30+ sources, in one place
  8. Company news – both current and archived news from over a dozen sources in one place
  9. Press releases – current and recent press releases, from multiple sources, for thousands of companies
  10. Inventor information – get instant information on the most innovative people in a company — its patent-holders. See who has patented what, how many patents they hold, and where they are located.
  11. Company public filings – instant access to all forms filed with the US SEC, including form explanations
  12. Corporate counsel – see which law firms represent a specific company; see the other clients a law firm has; see and contact the attorneys at each firm; see a contact list of the firm’s offices; and see other firms nearby who do similar work
  13. Company patents – complete, searchable inventory of a company’s patents, with instant access to the complete patent text
  14. Company peers and competitors – up to hundreds of companies in the same industry such as commercial real estate closing attorneys in NJ as your target company, ready for instant spreadsheet comparison based on financial numbers or decimals

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