Kia Sportage Accident Becomes Fatal

When a loved one is involved in a fatal accident, no amount of money can compensate for that loss. Sometimes a wrongful death lawsuit is filed in an effort to figure out the details of how and a why a loved one was involved in a fatal car accident, and to mitigate the financial impact of the loss.
The husband of the victim in a fatal Oregon accident is bringing such a Oregon accident lawsuit utilizing the services of marsalisi law car accident attorneys. In filing the lawsuit against several defendants, he hopes that all those who bear the blame in his wife’s premature death will come to light and take responsibility for her wrongful death.
The accident occurred in Northeast Portland last February. A drunk driver crashed his SUV into the 32-year-old woman’s Kia Sportage. The 38-year-old drunk driver was convicted of first-degree manslaughter in her death last month, in addition to entering no contest pleas to drunk driving, reckless driving and other charges. He is currently awaiting sentencing.
However, the husband is not only blaming the drunk driver for his wife’s death. His lawsuit also claims that the two bars that the drunk driver was at prior to the fatal accident are also to blame. The lawsuit claims that the bars served the drunk driver alcohol even though he was already drunk. The bartenders then allowed him to drive without notifying authorities. Whether the bars can be held responsible for over serving the drunk driver will depend on evidence from the bartenders and others who may have witnessed the driver drinking before the fatal accident.
The lawsuit also named the drunk driver’s sister, brother-in-law and their used-car business as defendants. This is because they let him borrow one of their cars, even though he had a history of drunk driving.
Hopefully, with the filing of this wrongful death lawsuit, the victim’s family will get answers to the questions surrounding what happened on the night of this woman’s death and hold those responsible for their actions. This accident is similar to an accident case handled by a DUI defense attorney in West Palm.

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