Medical Benefits and Issues

Medical Benefits/Issues

If you have an accepted injury, your employer will arrange for medical care, and all costs are paid directly by your employer’s insurance company, so you should never see a bill. All reasonable medical treatment to cure or relieve your condition will be provided without a deductible or dollar limit. The laws concerning the provision of medical care were changed significantly on 4/19/04. The right to medical care has been significantly eroded.

Unfortunately, often the insurance company will object to the recommendations of your doctor. They may complain about the frequency, duration, type, or reasonableness of your doctor’s recommendations. The best approach to address the problem is for your doctor to draft a clear report indicating exactly what the recommended treatment is and why is it important for you to receive the treatment. Conversation is worth nothing. Your doctor must put the request for treatment in writing. All medical bills related to your industrial injury should be sent directly to the defendant insurance company. You should advise your doctor to send all bills directly to the insurance company. If you have any unpaid bills, those should be sent to our office immediately.

The insurance company should also pay for your prescriptions. If you have paid for any of your own prescriptions, you should keep a receipt and send it to our office. You must keep copies of your receipts in order to be reimbursed. We will forward it on to the defendant for reimbursement for fatal car accidents in Lansing.

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