Restaurant accused of contributing to slip and fall accident

It is very important for restaurants to maintain a safe dining environment for their customers. Slipping hazards are one thing that can compromise the safety of restaurant customers. Thus, restaurant owners need to take steps to promptly address these hazards when they arise. Recently, a restaurant in Texas has been accused of contributing to a slip and fall accident by negligently allowing a hazard to be present on its premises.

The accident reportedly occurred on December 24, 2010 at a restaurant in Houston, Texas. That day, a woman was eating at the restaurant. The woman claims that water was present on a section of the restaurant’s floor. The woman alleges that she slipped on this water and fell. She claims that this fall caused her to suffer serious injuries.

The woman has now brought a lawsuit against the restaurant. The woman claims that the restaurant was negligent in allowing the water to be present on the floor, as it posed a slipping hazard to customers. The woman claims that this negligence caused her accident and injuries. Experienced Bronx auto accident lawyers know the ins and outs of these issues.

When water is spilled or pools on a restaurant’s floor, it can become a dangerous slipping hazard. Slipping hazards can cause restaurant patrons to suffer accidents which can result in serious injuries, as is alleged in this case. Thus, it is very important for restaurants to have practices in place to promptly detect water-related slipping hazards. Also, it is important for restaurants to take steps to promptly address hazards that are detected, such as removing the hazards, barricading them off or warning customers of their presence.

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