Triplet Sisters Torn Apart By Florida SUV Accident

Three young sisters had been playing in their front yard in Hudson, Florida with a friend when an SUV careened across the yard and struck the children. One of the 5-year-old triplets lost her life in the fatal car accident and one was critically injured. The third triplet and their young friend were released from the hospital with minor injuries.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, a neighbor down the street had been driving the SUV and was responsible for the crash that violation of order Florida occurred on Saturday, November 6, 2010 at approximately 7:30 p.m. She allegedly had an argument with her husband, got into the vehicle and drove away in anger. The woman responsible for the crash had been a part of a pre-trial intervention program for a fraud conviction which required her to refrain from placing herself in situations that could lead to further criminal charges.

Police have not yet charged the woman with a crime for her involvement in the situation, but officials say the investigation is ongoing. Residents on the street have voiced their concern about a nightmare such as this one caused by reckless drivers. Drivers often speed down the road where their children play. “I understand people get mad,” a relative admitted, “they get upset, but you can’t drive erratically in a neighborhood like this.”

Occupants in a vehicle can hit their head on objects in the vehicle as their body is jolted around in the car. The head trauma from the external impact can result in a brain injury.
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However, traumatic brain injuries do not necessarily have to include a foreign object as their cause in an accident. A sudden deceleration of the head’s forward motion can result in a brain injury during an accident. When the forward motion of the head is abruptly halted, the brain’s motion also dramatically shifts toward the impact causing the brain to collide with one side of the skull. In some cases, the brain can ricochet inside the skull and collide with the other side.

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