Woman Arrested in North Carolina Protective Order Compliance Check

Sometimes people make mistakes. If an argument with a spouse results in a call to the police, either by a spouse or maybe a neighbor who overheard an argument, there might be consequences for one of the spouses. Late last month, a North Carolina woman was arrested after police say she failed to comply with a Domestic Violence Protective Order. These orders are often put in place to prevent further violence between two people in a relationship.

It remains unclear how the woman violated the order, or what specific incident brought the order against her. No matter what the reason, sometimes Domestic Violence Protective Orders can be confusing and might be violated on accident.

It is important that someone arrested for a domestic violence issue understands his or her rights. Sometimes these issues are just misunderstandings. While it is important to be sensitive to any potential victims, it is also important that a person accused of this serious crime has their rights protected. Sometimes police intervene in a situation, and the story is one person’s word against the other. These cases can have more consequences than a criminal record if convicted.

Charges and convictions of domestic violence-related crimes can mean having to move out of your house, difficulty finding a new place to live, and possibly problems with employment. That is why it might be wise for someone facing similar charges to speak with a criminal defense attorney. A trusted Titusville criminal defense firm can help a person accused of a crime formulate a rigorous defense and protect their rights.

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